SkiBike Manufacturers

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Swiss based manufacturer Bullskate have developed a range of skibike models well suited to both snow park and freestyle skibiking. As well as ready to ride skibikes, Bullskate sell kits to convert mountain bikes into skibikes They are also available to rent from a number of outlets in Switzerland.

Modern ski biking was introduced in Austria when Englebert Brenter began commercially producing the ski-bob in 1949. Brenter provide an extremely safe alternative to skiing and snowboarding with a minimal learning curve. Those with blown knees or who are athletically challenged will enjoy its low centre of gravity, low impact and ease of control. After a brief lesson it's not uncommon for beginners to find themselves riding intermediate ski trails in perfect control by the end of the day.

If you can ride a bicycle, you can ride a Brenter

Firem were the first skibike manufacturer to create a usable rear ski brake. It not only benefits the safety and confidence of novice riders, but also helps experienced riders check their speed on difficult terrain. Firem utilise high tech materials such as carbon fibre and titanium, for their high end skibikes.

Firem VS - high tech materials

Flachsmann make a variety of models, with a bias towards race machinery, on a low volume basis. It is quite possible that production has now ceased, even finding a picture of one is difficult.

Brad Geary introduced the Geary Storm ski bike at the Interbike Expo in Las Vegas. The Storm skibike offered a unique chair lift loading design, plus handlebars that rotated through 360 degrees for freestyle riders. As of late 2011, Geary Snow Bikes have ceased to trade.

Geary Snow Bikes - ceased to trade in 2011

Koski Snowsports is a brand new company with a long past. Company founder, Don Koski, has been experimenting with his skibike designs since the 1970's. His workshop in Marin County, California is filled with prototypes; all of them still rideable.

Koski in the bicycle industry for nearly 25 years.

Lenz Sport is a well-respected manufacturer of high-end mountain bikes. In 2004 Lenz Sport entered the ski bike market when the owner traded two of his old mountain bike frames for some commercially made ski bike conversion kits. Today a number of high end models are available with the design ethos to be as close to the sensations of a mountain bike / moto-cross bike as possible.

Lenz Sport - a well-respected manufacturer

Robert Kolesar designed the first ShroomBob™ with a very specific purpose; his wife, Ellyn, had suffered a head injury from a 35-foot fall in 1989 while hiking which left her weak on her right side. The ShroomBob™ was a tool to get her back on the mountain, which enabled her to enjoy skiing again, even before she was able to walk.
 As a result of this experience, the ShroomBob™ has a heavy focus towards adaptive skiing programmes, alongside alternative products with a more athletic bias, such as the Pegger XX 'Rad' SkiBike and Double Black Diamond Extreme Skibob models.

ShroomBob™ - a number of unusual and innovative features

SledgeHammer SkiBikes was founded by Gregor Schuster who wanted to take his love of freeride mountain biking onto the snow in winter time. He converted his mtb and had so much fun that de decided to build a dedicated skibike / snowbike for winter use.
SledgeHammer SkiBikes offer 3 designs which proudly display their BMX and MTB roots. Their prices are currently the lowest of any manufacturer which has made them the most popular freestyle skibike in Europe.

SledgeHammer SkiBikes - proudly display their BMX and MTB roots

Dutch manufacturer Snike produce small and lightweight skibikes that follow the classic skibob philosophy.

The SnowScoot is  a hybrid of a BMX style frame and snow boards skis. You ride in a standing position with feet retained in simple loop bindings.  SnowScoot claim to be "The first, best and only real Snowscoots on Earth since 1992!"

SnowScoot - becoming a common sight in the Alps

Stalmach Group has been producing its skibike product line in Saalfelden, Austria since 1992. With more than 30 years of Skibike World Cup experience Stalmach are one of the leading Snow bike producers in the world. The Stalmach range includes High-Tec skibikes, Skibob carving skis, foot skis, aluminium steering columns, steering construction, snap clip on plates, rubber puffers and winter sport clothing.
Stalmach - one of the leading Snow bike producers in the world

Today we are used to the fact that new snow is immediately cleared from roads and paths by modern snow-clearing equipment. 100 years ago it was not so easy for the locals to get around in the deep snow in wintertime. For Christian Bühlmann, disabled coach builder from Grindelwald, it soon became too tedious to walk to his clients. In his attempt to solve this problem he became the inventor of the velogemel.
In summer Christian Bühlmann used a bicycle which gave him the idea of transferring the principle of the bicycle to the sledge. In 1911 he built a snow-bicycle in order to get around faster on downhill and flat stretches – the bike-sledge was created. It had a wooden frame with two runners steered at the front by handlebars, the seated position allowed one to push off with the feet and hence move forward in a manner similar to that of the first bicycle by Drais (Draisine).
As the word "Gemel" is the name for a sledge in local Grindelwald dialect, the bike-sledge soon became called Velogemel by the locals.

Velogemel - the design is over 100 years old