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For the majority of skibikers their first skibike is a mountain bike converted into a skibike, luckily there are now more ways to do this than ever before.

Blog writer Wayne Richards has prepared detailed articles on designing and building your own custom DIY Skibikes, follow these links:

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DIY SkiBike - use quality parts, kitchen floor workshop optional

If you are going to make a skibike to take to the big mountains, why not investigate your options with one of the following reputable mountain bike to skibike conversion kits:

Alpine Skibikes

Alpine Skibikes pioneered relatively inexpensive and well made diy skibike conversion kit. Founded in 2001 in Los Angeles by inventor and snow-riding enthusiast Matt Hanson, Winter-X-Bike, Inc. unveiled its revolutionary Ski-MX Conversion Kit, which turned any bicycle into a ski-bike, in early 2002. Over a decade later the design is still going strong and probably more of the Alpine Skibikes kits have been sold than any other type.

Alpine Skibikes - a decade later the design is still going strong


BIKERMADS, based near Stockholm in Sweden, sell a variety of different skibike conversion products. BIKERMADS sell the Russian Ski-X-Bike adapters which are very close to the original Alpine Skibikes adapters and also sell the much heavier duty Czech made Gigantic Professional adapters. Lastly, BIKERMADS sell a few ready to ride skibike conversions and new SledgeHammer Skibikes

Bike the slopes

Canadian manufacturer Bike The Slopes make no bones about their mission, they are producing low cost skibike conversion kits to introduce as many people as they can to the sport. Once hooked you can always upgrade to another conversion kit or even go go the whole hog and buy a dedicated skibike.

Bike The Slopes - low cost skibike conversion kits from Canada

Bullskate Snowbikes

Swiss based manufacturer Bull Skate have been producing skibike conversion kits geared towards the more extreme end of the market for many years. Unusually, they also have an ever expanding empire of rental stations across Switzerland, which have already attracted pro bike riders from around the World to sample the joys of skibiking.

Bull Skate - geared towards the more extreme end of the market

Drifter Snowbikes

Drifter Snowbikes offer skibike conversion kits and skiboards suited to BMX bike based skibike conversions.
100% designed, manufactured by BMXers for BMXers... Matt Beringer machines the hollow axles and speciality parts. Imagine buying a product not only endorsed by a legend, but built by one.
Constructed from 100% full USA grade chromoly, utilising use aircraft grade for highest strength to weight ratio, with a Deck Return System to keep the boards where they need to be, allowing aggressive carving and locked manuals. With 23 years R&D experience Drifter Snowbikes claim to be light years ahead of any competition.

Drifter Snowbikes - designed and built by BMXers for BMXers

Gigantic Professional

Gigantic Professional are a Czech Republic based outlet for a wide portfolio of sports and leisure items, part of which is their skibike conversion kits. The ski adapters are constructed from steel and they are somewhat more heavy duty than some of the alternatives. Gigantic Professional are a respected brand in Europe with many devoted users with sales representatives in the Czech Republic, Sweden and France.

Gigantic Professional skibike conversion kits - heavy duty


NISM set out to design a skibike that feels as bike-like as possible without sacrificing the control of skis in the snow. With this philosophy in mind the NISM patent pending designs allows you to be able to sit at normal ride height with the crank, chain and pedals still remaining attached whilst maintaining tension from your chain so you don’t feel like you’re slipping out of gear.
NISM offer two types of mountain bike based skibike conversion adapters;  a tall adapter to keep the ride height the same as when on 26" wheels and a lower ride height for less extreme riding and a BMX skibike adapter. NISM also offer patent pending designed asymmetrical skis built to work as one ski to give you the best turning and stopping possible whilst still providing the agility of a normal bike.

NISM skibike ski - providing the agility of a normal bike.


Skixbike are a Russian manufacturer who produce an unlicensed version of the original Alpine Skibikes conversion kit. There is a tiny difference in size, their version being about 1cm lower than the original, BMX knurled stunt pegs are supplied as foot rests with the kit. The level of grip supplied by these foot rests is considerably reduced due to their ability to become icy after a few moments of use.

Skixbike - an unlicensed tribute to the Alpine Skibikes conversion kit

Ghetto DIY Skibikes

For some the lure of creating a skibike utilising a scrap mountain bike frame and home DIY materials, such as; lumber, wood screws and skateboard trucks proves irresistible. Some very basic DIY Designs can be found at the Instructables website at The Bloom Bike shop and also at this blog

Irresistible - the lure of creating a skibike out of scrap

Whilst it gives great pleasure to build low budget ghetto skibike creations and ride them at the local sledging hill, it is unwise to take them to a mountain resort where they are very likely to be a danger to both yourself and other snow users and do great damage to the reputation of skibiking as a legitimate winter sport.