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If you're looking for information about SkiBikes then you've come to the right place. You might think that SkiBikes are the latest fad to hit the slopes, but the truth is that they're as old as downhill skiing and they have been an underground winter sports trend since the early 1950s!

The first question most people ask is "How does it stop without brakes?" and the second is usually "Is it easy to learn?". To find the answer to these and other common SkiBike related questions see the frequently asked questions page.

Do you want to take your mountain bike riding into a whole new dimension? Find out how to convert your mountain bike into a SkiBike on the Build a SkiBike page.

Where can you ride a SkiBike? See the list of skibiker friendly resorts on the Where to SkiBike page.

SkiBikes can also be called; skibobs, skikes, snowbikes, veloskis, schneevelos velogemels and even skicycles.

The original SkiBiker.org website was a project created to bring together everyone who uses bike framed type devices on the snow and ice. The SkiBike.me.uk blog site was created to record trips to  resorts and ski stations in Europe. Both websites were amalgamated in 2013 to create the premium information portal for SkiBike enthusiasts in Europe.

If you want to send feedback about this site, provide updated information about SkiBikes and skibiking or ask a question please use the form below to send me through your query.