Sold - Lenz Sport Alpine Brawler #2

Posted: Saturday, 27 July 2019 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: ,

This is the first of a pair of Lenz Sport Alpine Brawlers, available as pre-season offers. The owner is based in South Germany, but Worldwide shipping will be available, the USA would cost around $120 for example.

For sale - Lenz Sport Alpine Brawler - £ Offers

Already a well-respected manufacturer of high-end mountain bikes, Lenz Sport entered the ski bike market in 2004 after Devin Lenz, the owner of the company, traded two of his old mountain bike frames for some commercially made ski bike conversion kits.
The brand has been continuously evolving since then, most of the parts are manufactured in house to very high standards  Everything about these skibikes oozes the sort of bespoke quality rarely seen elsewhere and Lenz Sport has become the benchmark against which many other brands are judged.

The Alpine Brawler was an early model which clearly took a lot of design cues from the sport of Motocross riding. It offers a lot of suspension travel, which is ideal for those who want to do a lot of off piste riding or get big air in the snow parks. The heft of this model will aid stability at speed even over the roughest terrain, but it would be best appreciated by the younger, fitter or more athletic rider. In short, it's not for "here hold my beer" old codgers.


It is still in very good condition, the current owner works in the automotive industry and doesn't mess about when it comes to maintenance. It comes with a fresh serviced pair of SB12 skis. The forks and damper have been serviced as well. The rear adapter, bushings and bearings are brand new

  • Medium frame size
  • Marzocchi 888 fork, RCV with 200 mm travel
  • Fox Vanilla R rear damper with a white 600 Fox spring
  • Stock handlebars
  • Lenz Sport SB12 skis with 103 cm length and 12 meter radius
  • Lenz SECUREST chairlift managing system
  • Lenz precision machined ski mounting system
  • Stock long padded seat

Collection is possible, the owner is based in South Germany, but Worldwide shipping will be available. The USA would cost around $120 for example.


This is a premium specification skibike which retailed at $3274 (over £2000) in the USA. For UK & European buyers, items like this don't come up for sale in Europe very often. Even if you can find similar items in the USA, don't be fooled by the price shown in Dollars. Once you have paid the courier costs (£75+), import duty (2.7% of value), VAT (20% of value) and sundry other "incidental" costs, the real price could be nearly doubled.


Send your offer as a message through the contact form or alternatively through Facebook and I will get the seller to contact you if it is accepted.


22/02/20 - Now sold