Sold - Winter X Bike SkiBike Conversion Kit - £120

Posted: Saturday, 17 February 2018 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , ,

Following comments on The SkiBike Shop Facebook Group that there is nothing available for those on a limited budget; I have decided to sell this original Winter X Bike / Alpine SkiBikes skibike conversion kit.

I used this kit on my #1 skibike which I built for myself in December 2009, since then the skibike evolved a number of times and throughout this kit was the basis.

The front adaptors are fitted with 9mm axles, a standard fitting found on many brands of affordable suspension forks. The front adaptors have two holes for the mounting of a crank and strap arrangement to provide better high speed carving performance for advanced riders. The rear axle length is 170 mm with spacing of 135 mm for the rear triangle, another common frame standard.

For sale - Winter X Bike / Alpine SkiBikes Conversion Kit - £120

The parts are still in good condition and have been thoroughly stripped, cleaned, re-assembled, greased and clearances set for use.

On offer is one complete kit, including the original Winter X Bike foot pegs and the carving upgrade kit. The price for these parts includes delivery to the UK and Europe, it is substantially lower than any current prices offered elsewhere.

For European Union based skibikers this will be a substantial saving over the regular price. As anything imported from outside of the European Economic Area is subject to courier fees + handling fees + import duties @ 2.5% of the net value + VAT @ 20%. Do the mathematics, this is a good deal which I will not be able to repeat in future.

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12/03/2018 - Now sold


  1. Unknown says:

    Do you ship to the USA? If so send me a link so I can buy it.

  1. Yes Franklin shipping to the USA is possible, although the additional costs involved and import duties due tend to make the cost uneconomic for what was originally a US made item. Some stock still remains in the USA, I suggest a quick search will find a "local" supplier. Alternatively the American Skibike Association should be able to point you in the right direction.

  1. Yannick says:

    J'aimerais savoir si vous avez toujours des kits conversion pour Skibike,j'habite dans sud sud ouest de la France .
    Et qu'elle sont les modalités pour commander.
    En attente d'une réponse d votre part cordialement Yannick

  1. Yannick, tous mes kits sont vendu, desolee. Je pense ce que Bikermads a achete nouveaux kits de Alpine Skibikes. Vous pouvait se trouverais ici Sportivement. MK.