Sold - Alpine SkiBikes SkiBike #1 - £300

Posted: Sunday, 25 September 2016 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , , ,

This is the first of a pair of skibikes for sale built by a fan of this Blog. Sadly they have been virtually unused ever since, skibiking may not be for everybody, it wasn't for him, but if it's for you then this is your chance to buy a ready to ride skibike for much less than the cost of the individual components.

For sale - a pair of Alpine Skibikes mtb conversions for £300 each

Using the design philosophy of Wayne Richards and his ever popular "DIY Skibike Design" series of articles as a skibike builders bible, he religiously followed all the same principles.

As Wayne recommends, the frame is a basic Y shaped full suspension frame, this shape makes for very convenient loading on the chairlift; you can even sit on some chairs with the skibike between your legs without causing fouling, just like a pro.

It is a 18” frame measured from the centre of the crank to the seat post, constructed from aluminium it is both strong and corrosion resistant. The overall weight is 13.5 Kg.

For sale - 18" frame skibike

The forks are basic 1 1/8” units, possibly by RST or Zoom with 80mm or 3" of travel, with BMX handlebars mounted on an Ahead stem.

The rear suspension is a basic coil sprung, un-damped unit with an eye to eye distance of 160 mm.

For sale - skibike ready to ride for £300

The skis fitted are Gaspo PTS99, a brand which has a good reputation for coping well in icier conditions.

Obviously there is nothing state of the art about this combination, but then neither is the asking price, which even includes delivery within the UK.

The beauty of this style of skibike conversion is the way you can upgrade parts to a much better specification easily and very economically by trawling eBay, mountain bike forums and Facebook groups for unwanted new or second hand parts.

Gaspo skis fitted - great for icy conditions

This Alpine Skibikes skibike conversion has been priced at £300 for a quick sale, the price includes delivery within the UK. It can be sent to some European locations too, but please ask for a quote first as this could be quite a high sum.

It is rare to find freestyle skibikes offered for sale in the UK, especially a matching pair, stock is limited to these two skibikes, so don't hang about if this is what you need for your next winter holiday.

Here is a link to the second skibike of the pair.


01/09/2017 - Now sold


  1. Very nice skibikes indeed, but you didn't mention anything about total weight of each skibike...

  1. Unknown says:

    My husband my be interested but would like to see it first. Where are you located? If not too far we'll come and see it before we decide.

  1. Thanks for the comments, answers and updates are coming shortly.

  1. Martinel 1985 and Laura Wells, the information has now been updated and there is a PayPal "Buy it Now" button. Don't hang about.

  1. Matteo says:

    Are these still available? Can you ship to Italy? How much would that be?

  1. Both are still available. Shipping to Italy could be possible, but expensive. Drop me a message through the contact page or Facebook to give me more information about where exactly in Italy.

  1. Shipping to Italy would cost £35 extra.