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It is said that every cloud has a silver lining. Some recent health issues gave me cause to take advantage of the services of Dr. Robert, Croydon's very own skibiking chiropractor. To say that he is a skibike enthusiast would be an understatement, his passion borders on obsession.

My visits gave him a good reason to dig out some new old stock original Winter X Bike skibike conversion kits which he had bought as a batch but never got round to installing all of them. If you are new to the skibike scene you may not be aware that Winter X Bike was the first iteration of Matt Hanson's designs, these have since been re-branded as Alpine Skibikes.

On offer is one complete kit, including the skis and foot pegs; furthermore there is a second set of adapter triangles only.
These adapters are the first generation model, so you they have 9mm axles, although you can still buy adaptors from Alpine Skibikes to run 15mm and 20mm through axle style forks too. The rear axle length is 170 mm with spacing of 135 mm for the rear triangle.

For Sale - Winter X Bike skibike conversion kit

The labelling on the packaging dated these units to 2005, none have been used, but they have been stored for a decade in a loft.
As a result there is light corrosion on the plated parts and ski edges. You could clean this off with metal polish if their appearance was that offensive to you. I would have done this myself but the demands of the blog tour made it impossible before departure day.

Light corrosion on the plated parts from a decade of storage

The aluminium parts are all in mint condition and very sparkly!

Dr. Robert doesn't want these parts sold off at yard sale prices, he would like the equivalent of the price these parts would cost if bought in the USA at today's prices. For US based readers of this blog it would make no sense to buy these parts; but for European Union based members these prices will be a substantial saving over the regular price. Anything imported from outside of the European Economic Area is subject to courier fees, handling fees, import duties @ 2.5% of the net value and VAT @ 20%. Do the mathematics, this is a good deal.

Adapters only - £136 or €186

The cost for the complete kit of adapters, skis and foot-pegs will be £340 or €465 - SORRY NOW SOLD OUT - FOR NEW 2017 STOCK CLICK HERE.

The cost for adapters only will be £136 or €186 - ONLY ONE PAIR LEFT! This price includes delivery to a UK address. I can send to some European locations too, but please ask for a quote first as this could be quite a high sum. - SORRY NOW SOLD OUT - FOR NEW 2017 STOCK CLICK HERE

If you have any further questions, please leave a comment or send a message.


18/02/16 - The kit complete with skis is now sold.
06/11/16 - The kit is now sold.


  1. Unknown says:

    Those old X-rails skis are still the best riding skis on hardpacked conditions. Glad to see that they will be going to a new home where they will get used.

    ~Matt Hanson

  1. Thanks Matt, there has already been quite some interest, hopefully they will be flying down the slopes this season.

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  1. where we can buy the convertion kit??

  1. We are out of stock, but you should still be able to find stock at