SkiBike Tour 2015-16 - EUSA SkiBike Meeting Day 1

Posted: Friday, 8 January 2016 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , , ,

The moment had finally arrived, today was day 1 of the EUSA SkiBike Meeting. The meeting place was the Areitbahn I lift station where a number of SledgeHammer Skibikes were stored all ready for the demo rides.
Peter, now fully warmed up from our ride on Wednesday went off to join our very own blog writer Wayne Richards, who had agreed to shepherd all the novice and beginner riders.

Meanwhile I had time to spend with my friend and work colleague Caspar, who having said that he "must give this skibiking lark a go" for far too long, had finally made it and was raring to go.

We started with some basic drills on the nursery slope, which he quickly got the hang of and was soon eager to get up the hill to try some more testing terrain. We went to the top station at Areitbahn III, well above the gloomy morning mists and enjoyed the blue cruising runs down to the middle station at Arietbahn II. Caspar even managed a couple of red runs, quite an achievement for his first day on a skibike.

Caspar - "must give this skibiking lark a go"

All the skibikers gathered for lunch to swap stories of their morning's adventures; after which local skibiker Maria Boyerl set up an action photo shoot. This was followed by some group riding till the close of play.

Action photo shot time - source Maria Boyerl

In the evening we headed off to the Bistro di Mare, a local fish restaurant, not a dish you would expect to find in such a landlocked country as Austria, but delicious all the same.