Summer Skibiking - SnowWorld Landgraaf

Posted: Wednesday, 21 October 2015 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , ,

Fresh back from my recent trip to Gran Canaria I had to do a quick turnaround to be ready for a whirlwind trip to SnowWorld in Holland with SkiBike Blog contributor Andy C. He is an accomplished trail rider, who also recently experienced riding both skibobs in Austria and freestyle skibikes in America. He plans to assemble his own skibike conversion in the near future and wanted to see how they ride without waiting for the season to start.

Journeys feel a lot quicker with two people in the car, especially someone with Andy's encyclopaedic knowledge of mechanical matters to share. For once the journey ran like clockwork leaving us with plenty of time for beers and unsurprisingly for Holland, one of the cheesiest of four cheese pizzas I have ever eaten.

SnowWorld - Landgraaf, Holland

My last visit here was in the height of summer and at the time just the one (easy) slope was open, but this time slopes on both sides of the chairlift were in use. Given that both runs are served by the same chairlift it seems that the laws of physics have been broken to create a noticeably steeper slope to one side. At its extremity a slalom course had been roped off, being enthusiastically exploited by a youth ski team who had, somewhat ironically, travelled 8 hours from Zermatt in Switzerland to take advantage of the perfect conditions to be found here at SnowWorld in Holland.

SnowWorld - Andy C getting the feel of a skibike conversion

Andy rapidly dialled in to the feel of my spare skibike and we passed our time playing around with different styles of riding, starting with the English turn and working up through a selection of riding styles. Before we knew it it was late afternoon and we ended the day grabbing some action pictures and video clips, before making the run back to Calais.

Working through a variety of riding styles

All in the trip cost about £130 per person, which is not bad considering the amount of time you get can spend on the snow. And if you want to know how to do an English turn you'll just have to get yourself on the list for the next visit to SnowWorld in Holland.