SkiBike Tour 2014-15 - Chilled Out On La Dole

Posted: Tuesday, 10 March 2015 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , , ,

Yesterday was an exhausting day, so I enjoyed a wonderful morning spent writing up activities for this blog, hey it doesn't write itself you know!

I wanted somewhere local to go to and just chill out in the warm afternoon sun and reorganise the slush all about the mountain. Heading to nearby La Dole on the French/Swiss border would give a little variety, yet take only 30 minutes to reach.

La Dole - just 30 minutes away on the French/Swiss border

It is essentially a great big hill, well served by a detachable chairlift from the car park up to the peak. You can pick your route down; follow the fall-line off piste if you want a challenge, or put in a giant traverse and take the easy route down or any number of subtle variations in between.

La Dole - just a big hill

As ever, you get a few curious looks and the usual frequently asked questions. But otherwise it is a chilled out spot to noodle around in the snow or enjoy a spot of late lunch and watch the world go by. I also got the chance to finally taste the Les Brasseurs Savoyard Myrtille flavoured beer that I was given recently and very tasty it was too.

Les Brasseurs Savoyard beer - tasty