SkiBike Footwear - Get Your Boots On!

Posted: Sunday, 30 November 2014 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: ,

I had an interesting enquiry from Dee recently...
"Can I wear good hiking or snow boots with a skibike, instead of ski/snowboard boots? If so, what type would be best"
If you are going to ride a skibike using the freestyle/pegger method i.e. without using foot skis, then your boots need to fulfil the following requirements:
  • Be well insulated and warm
  • Be water and snow proof
  • Have good grip in slippery situations
  • Provide some ankle support
  • Allow normal articulation for walking or getting off a chairlift
As Snowboard boots fulfil many of the above skibiking needs, are relatively inexpensive and readily available, they are the number one choice for most freestyle skibikers.

Snowboard boots - the choice of most skibikers

However some skibikers still prefer normal hiking boots, I tried them but ended up with wet feet, which apart from the discomfort, could cause health issues after prolonged exposure, such as frost bite or trench foot.
Alternatively; snowmobile, quad or dirt bike boots have been used by other freestyle skibikers with great success. Lastly, from personal experience, I can confirm that both downhill and ski touring "randonee" ski boots are totally unsuitable for this application and should be avoided at all costs, even spray painted Doctor Martens boots woud be better, get your boots on!