For Sale - $100 Economy SkiBike Conversion Kits

Posted: Sunday, 12 October 2014 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , ,

For many skibikers their first skibike is a mountain bike conversion, for some the lure of creating a skibike utilising a scrap mountain bike frame and some home DIY materials, such as; lumber, wood screws and skateboard trucks proves irresistible.
Whilst it no doubt gives great pleasure to build such low budget ghetto skibike creations and ride them at the local sledging hill, it is unwise to take them to a proper mountain resort where they are very likely to be a danger to both yourself and other snow users.

Fortunately there is now a greater choice of skibike conversion kits than ever before and Bike the Slopes from Calgary in Canada have broken a new price point with a conversion kit for just $125 Canadian Dollars, a mere £69 at the time of writing.

This special deal will only be available for the 2014-15 winter season, with a total cost to UK based buyers of $225 Canadian dollars (approximately £125) including shipping in 8-10 days by air post.

All mounting hardware is included to easily convert your mountain bike to a skibike engineered to provide maximum comfort, handling and affordability.

Bike the Slopes - skibike conversion kit, just $100 CAD (plus delivery)

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Sold - Lenz Sport Alpine Brawler Freestyle Skibike - £1499

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This is something you won't get to see every day, the big daddy of skibikes, a gorgeous hand made Lenz Sport Alpine Brawler, on sale, right here in the UK and at a knock down price to boot. If you haven't heard of Lenz Sport, where have you been for the last decade?
Already a well-respected manufacturer of high-end mountain bikes, Lenz Sport entered the ski bike market in 2004 after Devin Lenz, the owner of the company, traded two of his old mountain bike frames for some commercially made ski bike conversion kits.

The brand has been continuously evolving since then, most of the parts are manufactured in house to very high standards and Lenz Sport has become the benchmark against which many other brands are judged.

For Sale - Lenz Sport Alpine Brawler in Kawasaki green

This particular one is a large framed model, finished in a classic Kawasaki Green colour. It was purchased new directly from Devin Lenz a few years ago and for the owner it is a reluctant sale, he has had a lot of fun on it in the Alps, but now mostly skis with his kids.


It is still in very good condition with just a few light scratches on the frame. There is some light rust on the ski edges, which will come right off once tuned up for next season and there is also a small hole in the seat cover (thanks to a rogue bungee hook).

For Sale - Lenz Sport Alpine Brawler

  • 8 inches of front travel with a Rockshox BoXXer Fork
  • 6 inches of rear travel
  • Lenz SECUREST chairlift managing system
  • Lenz precision machined ski mounting system
  • Long padded seat for comfort and protection
  • Fitted with “Monster” foot pegs for superior control 

Rockshox BoXXer - 8 inches of front travel

Available for pick-up only in Headley, East Hampshire, UK which is about an hour from London down the A3, between Guildford and Petersfield.


This is a premium specification skibike which retails at $3274 (over £2000) in the USA. Sterling may be strong against the Dollar currently, but nothing like this is currently available in the UK. Even if you can find similar items in the USA, don't be fooled by the price shown in Dollars. Once you have paid the courier costs (£75+), import duty (2.7% of value), VAT (20% of value) and sundry other "incidental" costs, the real price could be nearly doubled.

This Lenz Sport Alpine Brawler is right here in the UK, all ready for pick up, oh and don't assume it will still be here in January, the owner is considering taking it with him to Switzerland, don't let this rare opportunity slip away.

Lenz Sport Alpine Brawler - Securest™ chairlift system for easy loading


Drop me a line through the contact form and I will make arrangements for inspection and payment.

As if you need any further inducement, here's a video of two Alpine Brawler skibikes, riding in Flaine, France, to whet your appetite...


14/03/15 - Now Sold