For Sale - NISM 90cm Skibike Skiboards - Down to £154

Posted: Saturday, 2 August 2014 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , ,

Unusually, I am in the position of being able to offer a pair of ex demo NISM 90cm Snow Bike specific skis for sale. Although marketed by NISM skibikes as a "park" ski, particularly suited to BMX skibike conversions, in rigorous testing right here on this site, they proved to be both testers favourite NISM ski design for all mountain use.
Nimble, light and stable they are an absolute joy to ride in all soft snow conditions, whether on or off piste. They earned our top commendations off-piste, by turning any gully into a natural half-pipe to be joyfully exploited to its full potential.

NISM 90cm snow bike skis - a joy to ride in all soft snow conditions

If you have only ever come across SnowBlade™ type skis then these will come as somewhat of a shock; they are considerably wider, giving the impression of being half way point between a normal ski and the snow board type commonly only seen on SnowScoots. I shouldn't have to tell you that these are skis specifically designed for use on a skibike and not as something that goes on your feet. Every aspect of the design is geared towards giving you the sort of riding experience that simply cannot be obtained with regular short skis.

They are fitted with both the standard 40 X 40mm skiboard binding mount pattern, as used on many popular skibike adapter systems and also one suitable for owners of LenzSport skibikes.

NISM 90cm snow bike skis - fitted with both common mounting patterns

For their size these NISM skis are amazingly light, we incorrectly assumed that they were foam cored. In reality they are constructed from vertically laminated poplar with a double layer of fibreglass for added strength and a white urethane fill between the wood core and the outside of the ski to protect and waterproof.

NISM 90cm snow bike skis - some light damage has occurred

As testament to the extensive nature of our testing process, some light damage has occurred to the top sheet where it caught between the skibike frame and ski. If you are overly concerned about appearances and given the matt nature of the NISM graphics, I would be very tempted to lay on a few coats of paint to match your skibike's colour scheme and be done with.

NISM 90cm snow bike skis -  stocks are limited to just this one pair

Please remember these are not skinny "SnowBlade™" style skis, they are wide skibike specific ski boards. I have checked on eBay and elsewhere, nothing like these are currently available in the UK. Even if you can find similar items in the USA, don't be fooled by low prices shown in Dollars. Once you have paid the courier costs (£25+), import duty (2.7% of value), VAT (20% of value) and sundry other "incidental" costs, the real price could be nearly doubled.

Skibike spares are not exactly plentiful in the UK, stocks are limited to just this one pair and it is highly unlikely that further items will be available, so don't tarry if this is what you need for your skibike project.

The cost is £154 for the pair, inclusive of delivery to any UK address, I can send to some European locations too, but please ask for a quote first.


16/02/15 - Now Sold