SkiBike Tour 2013-14, Geneva Base Camp

Posted: Monday, 24 March 2014 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , ,

It looks like slushy slopes are going to be a distant memory during my last week here in France. The weather has been making some ups and downs, but mostly downs. As my salopettes went into involuntary near spontaneous disassembly last week; my current riding attire is two pairs of shell suit type bottoms. It's quite a comfortable combo, but lacks the thermal properties of the correct item and also makes going to the toilet a challenge.
Oh and for those who are shouting at their screen, "Mark just go and buy a new pair of salopettes from the local factory warehouse outlet", let me remind you that I am in France. Precisely such outlets exist here, in fact I pass a couple on a daily basis, but I have never seen the doors open. Knowing how France works they are probably only open for a couple of hours a day, at which time I will be up on some distant slope freezing my assets off.

For these reasons I have chosen to take a couple of days off and catch up on the last of my domestic chores, prior to next week's departure day. Judging by the state of the Jura mountains alone, the recent switch in weather patterns has resulted in quite a dump. It is really distracting, here I am trying to focus on getting the correct type of decorator's caulking at the local D.I.Y. store and I've got a view like this to contend with.

My local D.I.Y. store - awesome view