Skibike Riding For Oldies - Age Is Just A Number

Posted: Sunday, 16 February 2014 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , , ,

I had some interesting feedback recently in the comments section.
Everyone on the blog seems to be young and experienced with no little info for us oldies that have skied for years and want to continue. I tried hiring with a lesson in Grand Bornand, but no foot skis, only pegs, so would have preferred foot skis to start with to get confidence.

It's a fair comment that a lot of the writers here are experienced, but none of us are exactly spring chickens, in just over a year's time I will be eligible for SAGA membership. The skibike blog has always focussed heavily on freestyle riding, as its the type of riding I was interested in from the outset. It's only recently that I have felt at home riding this way, having started with skibob style riding, like so many others.

Anyone who is new to the sport should join the blog's Facebook Group, where you will find plenty of kindred spirits, building their first skibike and making those first tentative turns in the snow. If you need further inspiration, here is a picture of Fred Tissue.

Fred Tissue - 75 years young

He is 75 years young, has recently started freestyle skibike riding, as disability has prevented him from continuing with skiing. This week I watched one of his latest videos; he was tanking down the slopes, standing up on the pegs whilst riding off piste and even managed to feed himself a fine snow sandwich when he overcooked a turn.

With a skibike age really is just a number.