SkiBike Tour 2013-14 - Better Late Than Never

Posted: Friday, 31 January 2014 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , , , ,

If you have noticed that this blog has seemed a little thin on fresh material over the past few weeks it is because this season has been so different from that has preceded it.
I managed to source employment from a new client who kept me busy working right through what would normally be the quiet period leading up to Christmas. Then another client came up with a job in the New Year and a regular client had a repeat job towards the end of the month.

It turned out that this was no bad thing as it has not been a particularly good ski season so far anyway. The temperatures have remain high and although there has been precipitation, a great deal has been rain rather than snow.
So with some fresh funds in the bank, I set off on the last day of January hoping that, like myself, the winter weather will arrive late. Feeling a little more flush than normal, I treated myself to making the journey overland from London to Geneva in two bites.

The logical half way point is the provincial city of Metz, I have passed it so many times feeling tired and worn out, it will be a pleasure to stop this time. A short search on found me with a room at Aux Plumes de Grigy for the night.  Although it was sold as a Bed & Breakfast hotel, it tuned out to be much closer to boutique hotel standard than "Mrs Miggins Guest House". I was warmly greeted by Andre the genial host who provided; a lovely guest suite, safe parking for the car and goats! Fortunately they had their own rooms in an outbuilding.

Aux Plumes de Grigy - more Boutique Hotel than Guest House

It is worth mentioning that another reason for stopping at Metz is that it is about 20 minutes from one of the largest indoor snow centres in the World. I think when I make this journey in the opposite direction in some week's time I will stop over and finally get to pay it a visit.

Having checked in and freshened up I grabbed the Mettis psuedo tram from the appropriately named Graham Bell station, so nice to see French recognition for one of England's skiing greats and headed into town for a bite to eat and an explore.

In this area the French / German border has shifted back and forth over the centuries leaving in its wake an interesting juxtaposition of contrasting Imperial architectural styles. Having consumed some hot food and enjoyed a pleasant stroll, I began to feel sleep catching up on me and returned to the Plumes for a nights rest.