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Posted: Saturday, 14 December 2013 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , ,

It's shaping up to be a very busy pre-Christmas period with a lot on, there's roughly one new skibiker related enquiry each day. This might not sound much, but in previous years it was more like one a month, in relative terms that's a 3000% boost. - shaping up to be very busy

This site has evolved so rapidly from a simple personal log of my skibing trips and other adventures, into more of a shared resource about European skibiking; to reflect this change the site will be expanding into some new directions.

One new area will be sales related, I have recently created a skibike sales page, which I want to fill with a selection of hard to find "skibike essentials" that are so useful to both old timers and those just getting into the sport.

Footskis - hard to find "skibike essentials"

I also sense that there has also been a pent up demand for a place to carry out private trading of skibikes and skibike parts. For the past three months I have been experimenting with Facebook Groups related to buying and selling and I was pleasantly surprised to find that, bar a few Chinese fake goods spammers, on the whole they are currently an excellent platform for trades. Best of all, they are free to join and completely free to use, whatever you sell will be worth 10% more, as you won't be paying any auction site fees.
To this end I have created a skibike buy/sell/trade group here.

As the observant have already noted, it doesn't mention skibikes in the title, but there is "method in my madness" to this tactic.
Firstly, I am expecting that there will be far more volume for normal ski and snowboard items and with all these groups you badly need volume to reach critical mass. Secondly, I am hoping that by mixing skibikes in with "normal" winter sports equipment, it will help to spread the skibiking word to a larger audience.

If you have a free moment and are on Facebook, follow the link, join the group and see what's on offer.