Sold - Tyrolia SP 100 Ski Bindings

Posted: Saturday, 21 December 2013 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , , ,

Up for sale are a pair of pre-used Tyrolia SP 100 adjustable ski bindings. They came fitted as standard to a pair of Head Big Easy ski boards, which were subsequently re-purposed for my skibike. Prior to removal they had a few weeks use and as can be seen in the pictures, are still in very good condition.

For Sale - Tyrolia SP 100 adjustable ski bindings

Use these bindings if you are looking for an adjustable binding suitable for a large spectrum of people, or just as a cost effective quality binding replacement. This very dependable binding is lightweight for a fully adjustable adult binding. Great for families wanting to share set-ups, or if you are starting up your own rental shop. Perfect for DIY foot ski builders!

Summary of Features:

Din range:3-10
Skier weight range: >67lbs
Weight (both bindings): 2440g
Boot Lift (toe/heel): 27/33mm
Boot Adjustment Range: 263-391mm

Other Features:

Movable toe ABS
Both Toe and Heel pieces move so that you will always be centred.

Tyrolia SP 100 - movable toe ABS

This is a good inexpensive choice for the skier who needs adjust-ability in a binding for changing boot sizes, resale, multiple users, or whatever.

The retail price for these was originally around £100, but you can get these for just £30, which includes delivery to most locations in the UK.


26/11/16 - Now Sold