SkiBike Tour 2012-13 - Flaine to Cluses via Geneva

Posted: Saturday, 2 February 2013 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , , ,

Today was time to bid farewell to Carl and Andy and leave Flaine to head down the hill to Cluses nestled in the shelter of the Vallee de l'Arve. But first, I had to collect my cousin Paul from the airport, I had it planned out so beautifully but mother nature dealt me a wild card. The persistent rain that had washed away so much snow the preceding day had abruptly changed to a blizzard overnight. When I went to pack my car I was shocked to find it buried under a foot of fresh powder. This was most definitely not what I was expecting and I cursed myself for not getting out while the going was good.

I then spent the best part of an hour lying in the snow trying to fit snow chains, something I had not had to do since 2011. I live in the hope that the next time it will be somewhat quicker. By the time I left Flaine, Paul had already arrived in Geneva and was sipping coffee, something he continued to do for a further 3 hours whilst waiting for me to collect him. We then shot back to Cluses to collect the keys to our flat for the next couple of weeks.

The flat turned out to be a lot better than the either the drab exterior or the pictures on the Internet suggested. It has been redecorated in a boutique hotel style and will certainly be worthy of a detailed review later.

My cousin Paul