SkiBike Tour 2012-13 - Heading Home

Posted: Monday, 14 January 2013 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , , ,

Today I made the long haul North back to London, while crossing both the Jura and Vosges mountains I experienced only light snow showers. What I wasn't expecting was a full on blizzard that developed between Ostend and Dunkerque! The wipers and washers were icing up, snow beat relentlessly against the windows, gradually the motorway disappeared into a sea of whiteness. The lorries left such deep ruts that the snow banged on the underside of the car. I did, however, enjoy the smug satisfaction of gliding past some big luxury 4x4 lumbering in the slow lane. Small front wheel drive hatchback with skinny snow tyres trumps the bourgmobiles, yes. Fortunately, back on the English side of the channel the weather was much as normal.

The long hours behind the wheel gave me the opportunity to recall the many many little moments that made me smile on the inside on the first leg of the SkiBiker SkiBike Tour 2013.

Serge Mermillod asking if he could have his own skibike back at the start of a tricky slope, Serge you need to take some lessons mate.

Carl Day on an icy piste that ran through a tunnel, exiting totally sideways, at some considerable speed, with a huge grin on his face. Later watching him off piste getting enough air to see clear under both skis as he launched himself over a drop off.

For the very first time forming a lift queue of 4 skibikes and then having 2 SnowScoots join behind us, how far things have come from those lonely solo trips to Scotland and Andorra.

The gent with a broad West Scottish accent asking "Hey pal is that an Orange Fandabidozi you're riding?" whilst heading through Avoriaz.

Being stopped by a very serious looking French ESF teacher, who then asked if I could explain to her class (in French) what I was riding, how it worked and then give a technique demonstration. "Look" she said "You can even ride a bicycle on the snow, anything is possible".

Being told by a Russian chap that he thought a mountain bike on the snow was too dangerous. I mean a Russian F.F.S.!

Fabrice telling me that this was the first time he was about to go back on a skibike after being hospitalised riding last year. Wow, that must have taken some balls.

In conclusion, for some it is so easy to "Find your tribe", their tastes are so commonplace or they are so unselective that any flavour will do. For others, like me, an eccentric outsider, it can take a lifetime before you discover your tribe and are accepted into its fuzzy embrace without further question or judgement.

Thank you skibikers.