10 Things I Truly Love About France

Posted: Thursday, 17 January 2013 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , ,

The last SkiBiker SkiBike Blog trip gave me the opportunity to consider exactly what it is about France that I like so much?

1. National Identity - America just can't get a foothold here, this means freshly made croissants from a local baker who was up preparing them in the middle of the night, just because that's exactly how it should be done.

2. The Mountains - Not just the Alps, but three, yes three, other mountain ranges to play with, how stupendous is that?. You don't believe me? OK, go look up; Jura, Auvergnes and Pyrenees in WikiPedia then smart ass.

3. The Infrastructure - Serious government investment to create the World super power of ski stations.

4. The Food - No messing about here, plenty of fresh, unadulterated, locally sourced produce and even the simplest supermarket staples items are oh so very yummy.

5. The Wine - No messing here either, perhaps not the most innovative vignoblers, but classic, delicate, affordable and drinkable. A reasonable bottle is cheaper than Cola, so why would you not drink it?

6. The Women - They are so elegant, whether 18 or 80. Why can British women only do tarty or frumpy and not the classy chic look somewhere in between?

7. The Space - A similar population to the UK or Germany but around 3 times the space, keep away from Paris and you're laughing.

8. Hypermarkets - Need snow chains, a skibike saddle, salopettes, concentrated hydrochloric acid (absolutely true) and a months grocery all under the same roof?

9. The Metric System - When it comes to engineering supplies who would ever want to go back to fractional Whitworth sizes or was it UNF?

10. The Weather - Seasons are seasons, it will be quite cold in Winter and pretty hot in Summer, except for Brittany, which is on the British, four seasons in one day, weather system.

Need snow chains, salopettes, or hydrochloric acid?