SkiBike Tour 2012-13 - Flaine with Four

Posted: Saturday, 29 December 2012 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , , ,

This morning I braved some brutally icy runs down to Les Carroz for my rendezvous with Carl, Serge and Thierry. The easy blue run was like one of those specially prepared slalom slopes. Luckily it was much better higher up on the sunlit peaks.

Serge Mermillod brought one of the new production versions of the Firem VS512, whilst Thierry riding some very neat skibikes of his own design and construction. One had utilised a Cannondale Lefty mono tube fork.

4 very different skibikes

My riding got some firm but fair assessment from the other skibikers:
Firstly, I now appear to be riding even slower than last year; true but I like control and accuracy not speed.
Secondly, I enjoy drifting much more than carving. Apparently I should be retro fitting my skibikes with Russian skis without any edges. Right ho lads, you got any for sale, let me at 'em.

As is traditional on a Gallic ride we had a simple but fine lunch, with crisp Haute Savoie wine from near Chambery and a selection of picnic munchies. Carl Day has now been converted and will be expecting this every day in future.

A superb blood red sunset over Flaine, worth missing the last lift home for

The enjoyment of the ride was somewhat ruined by huge queues for almost all the lifts. It seemed that the entire populations of France and England combined were in front of us at every occasion. Having to wait for 15-20 minutes with not so good natured jostling from all and sundry. I don't know whether the Grand Massif lift system had reached overload point, but it made me appreciate how lucky I have been in the past whilst skibiking in the off season.
The delays caused me to miss the last link back to Samoens, so I was force to divert to neighbouring Morillon and had a 3km night time walk through the woods back to the car, I'm so glad I don't ride a 20kg skibob now.


  1. R Platt says:

    sounds like you had a good time and the snow cover this year is still quite good - if a bit icy in the mornings. Can you get all the way back to Samoens from Caroz normally? I guess you must have driven over for the day and then got stuck on the wrong side at Flaine?
    Any adverse comments from the lifties?

  1. Ric the lifties have been a dream, they are well used to Les SnowScooters, one was a bit confused why I didn't have a leash attached to my ankle a la SnowScoot. Samoens to Flaine is almost always possible in my experience, Samoens is a much faster and more level drive from Geneva, so it has been my favourite base camp. Due to high winds I was forced to use Morillon one morning, which in the past I had been advised to avoid. No problems there at all this year and it has some excellent long blue runs, ideal for teaching nervous debutants.