Sold - BullSkate Pre-Season Discounts

Posted: Friday, 2 November 2012 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , , ,

BullSkate freestyle snowbikes have announced second hand skibikes for sale at knockout prices prior to the 2012-13 ski season.
The offer is a skibike for just $990 (£618 or €771- at current exchange rates).

The BullSkate snowbike website claims:

The frame is handmade in Taiwan, is powder coated and has an advanced downhill geometry. The rear damper includes rebound adjustment and allows for 154mm travel. For the front suspension we decided on the RST R1 double bridge downhill fork with 180mm of travel. With these two components the rider is assured of a comfortable and safe ride in any conditions while standing or seated and is able to rip in the park and absorb most obstacles on the slopes.
I rode BullSkate SnowBikes in early 2012 and found them to be a strong, plush and stable ride, well suited to both on and off piste riding. They would be of particular interest to any skibiker wanting to perform freestyle jumps and tricks or head into rougher, back mountain type terrain.
The only downside of the design, is that they are quite weighty, which might put off smaller, lighter or less physical riders.
If you are tempted, don't delay, the sale ends soon.

BullSkate freestyle snowbike sale - $990