Skibike Skis - New From NISM This Season

Posted: Sunday, 25 November 2012 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , ,

NISM have been building both skibikes and skibike components for the last 15 years and have taken the bold step of producing purpose made skis suitable for ski biking for the 2012-13 season. "No re-purposed ski blades here...these were made to run in line with each other instead of parallel" claims the NISM website.

NISM - No re-purposed ski blades here

What sets the new NISM Snow Bike Skis apart from normal skiboards is that they are asymmetrical, i.e. the tip is significantly wider than the tail. By using a front ski in the normal orientation and the rear ski back to front, you can create a shared sidecut profile between the front and back skis. This system enables both skis to work together as a single ski, claimed to give far better control and stability than any other system. Furthermore the NISM Snow Bike Skis feature a rockered base option to give quicker edge to edge response and a much larger sidecut radius than most skis of this length. The mounting hole pattern will work with most standard 40x40 and 50x100 mounts, used on the more well known skibikes. A robust construction is promised, intended to survive the hard landings and head on impacts known the break other brands.

NISM Snow Bike Skis are available for pre-order the first 25 customers will receive $100 off the regular price of $450 and a set have already been earmarked for extreme free style skibiker Raymond Georgsson, I know he will see that they are used to the limit of their performance envelope.