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Posted: Friday, 9 November 2012 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , ,

News just in from Devin Lenz, founder of Lenz Sport SkiBikes, Vail Colorado will grant access to skibikes in the forthcoming 2012/13 ski season. Not only is Vail a premier ski resort, Vail Resorts also own; Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone and Heavenly, Northstar and Kirkwood.

Does this mean that skibiking has become respectable or is it just a cynical ploy to boost ticket sales in a faltering economy? For the moment, who cares, it's time to get your skibikes out there and have some fun this season.

In case you have never heard of Vail, PowderHounds have the following to say:

When one thinks about the legendary ski resorts around the world, a number immediately spring to mind. Vail is definitely one of those. Resorts don’t reach legendary status without good reason. Vail has it all - massive and varied terrain, a huge modern and efficient lift system, great vertical, tons of snow, classic apr├Ęs, vibrant nightlife and a booming “village” (, with all the services one would expect from a mega resort. Vail is the quintessential world class ski resort that many others try to imitate.

Vail is BIG and pretty much has something for everyone. If you want to ski cruisers all day - you can do it. If you want some in-bounds back country style skiing and then cook a steak on a BBQ at 3,527m elevation – you can. If you expect powder - it will happen. If you want to ski steep trees and moguls or jump off cornices - guess what - it’s there. If you want to eat at five star restaurants and shop in fur boutiques, or just get a roll from Subway - you can do that too. If you want to economise and shop at Safeway to cook in your self-contained accommodation, go right ahead.... read more here

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