Mountain Bike - Riding Oxleas Wood

Posted: Tuesday, 30 October 2012 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: ,

A change of plan last week meant that I took my godson on an epic ride (he's 11, so such things are relative) around the Shooters Hill area today in the suburbs of South East London. My ride was a restored Marin Muirwoods all terrain bike from the very early 1990s, a rigid bike with a steel frame. It's heavy, but dependable and perfect for a good yomp through the woods.

Marin Muirwoods - perfect for a good yomp through the woods.

The surprisingly enjoyable sections were through Oxleas Wood where it has been raining on and off for most of the last month. So it was a bit muddy in places, with some rooty climbs and plenty of squelchy leaves, however other sections were very quick and dry.

Part of the Green Chain Walk runs through Oxleas Wood

Oxleas Wood had plenty of trails ranging from wide avenues right down to narrow fox runs through the brambles. Technically, these are probably footpaths, but no one seemed to object and there were plenty of other wheel tracks dotted about.

The little tyke positively threw himself along the downhill sections with outrageous tail slides, I would love to get him on a skibike, maybe in a few years time.

Mountain Bike - Tour de Cake

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This might be about skibikes, but I still like to keep the "bike" in skibiking very much alive. Normally this consists of many dreary commuting miles between my home in the suburbs and work based in the centre of London. Occasionally though something special happens, certainly the 1000 miles I racked up whilst working at the Olympics/Paralympics this summer will be with me to the end.

I also love to get in a few true recreational rides during the year, where the only goal is to soak up the sheer visceral pleasure to be gained from consuming miles of terrain, with nothing more than the breeze and the changing scenery to fill your consciousness.
For a city dweller, based in one of the most over inhabited corners of the planet, such trips are not only good for the body, but also for the soul.

The weather is almost unimportant, which was just as well, as the forecast looked distinctly iffy as I left for the train station, expecting autumnal gloom at best, heavy showers and torrential downpours at worst. I was heading for Purley train station and the brisk 40 mile train journey to Brighton on the English South Coast to join the local RetroBike riders for the amusingly named "Tour de Cake // Concourse du Café 2012". This was to be the second time I had been on this event; a genteel ride along the promenade from Shoreham on Sea to Rottingdean and back. With much admiration of an eclectic mix of obsolete bikes and the consumption of stupid quantities of tea and cake.

SkiBiker - immune to the temptations of cake

For my part I managed to get in plenty coffees en route, but was oddly not hungry, in spite of a missed breakfast, I seemed immune to the temptations of cake and only remembered I had two delicious Braeburn apples with me on the train journey home.

My poor appetite however didn't affect the boundless energy I seemed to possess. Apparently, I am "pretty fit (for an old bloke)" and "pretty fast for someone who doesn't wear a helmet" hmmm, I think there was a compliment in there somewhere!

Tour de Cake - An eclectic mix of obsolete bikes

The Latest UK Skibiker Heading To France

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News just in from Al Wallace who is putting a skibike together for a trip to La Plagne in February 2013. I haven't heard anyone using La Plagne for skibiking yet, but according to my records, in 2009 they confirmed that they allow SkiBikes and SnowScoots providing you wear a safety leash.

This is what has to say about the resort:
The ski resort is one of the largest in the world and great for family ski holidays and group skiing holidays. The Vanoise Express cable car links the resort via les Coches and Plan Peisey in Les Arcs creating the combined ski area, Paradiski.
La Plagne itself is well known as a beginners’ and intermediates’ paradise. There is a huge number of easily accessible nursery slopes and miles of motorway pistes. The whole ski area is served by a massive inter-linking lift system. A network of snow-making machines covers many of the lower slopes as well as some higher altitude pistes.
Good luck Al, and don't forget the new moto for this blog "imagines aut nunquam accidit" - pics or it never happened!

La Plagne - well known as a beginners’ and intermediates’ paradise

Sold - Porsche 212 Design Arova Skibob

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Anyone who has waited for a bus knows the routine: you wait far longer than you should, then three come along at once, this seems to be the case with the current crop of classic Porsche skibobs coming up for sale.
Noel, from Pennsylvania USA, is the latest person trying to find a new home for a Porsche 212.
The current tally is 3 people with no fewer than 4 Porsche 212 ski bobs to sell between them. They are located in California, Pennsylvania and Ohio respectively.

Skibiker Duane Mullins, suggested another interesting alternative use for one of these collectibles; by using the body as a beer cooler.

Lastly, if you need to contact me, please make sure to include your e-mail address in the body of your message.

Sold - Porsche 212 Design Arova Skibobs

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Chris, mailed me a while back as he spotted this article here on the Skibiker SkiBike Blog, whilst doing a search for ski bobs.  He is based in California, USA and has a couple Porsche Design Arova Ski Bobs for sale.

It is going to break his heart to part with them, but the harsh reality is that he's getting married and needs the cash. To the right are some photos of the skibobs in question.

Should they take your fancy and you would like to have one for your skibike collection, as a period accesory for a classic Porsche sports car or as a curious "conversation piece" to put in the den, please get in touch.
You can leave a comment below, or use the new Contact Page to send me an e-mail and I will make sure that Chris gets it.

Just in case you have never heard of the Porsche 212, here is some background with thanks to

For those of us who’ve always thought that the 912 or the 914 were some of the most unheralded members of the Porsche family, say hello to the 212 Skibob.

This small and collapsible skibob (basically a bike for the slopes) was built through collaboration by the Arvoa Company and Porsche design. Made in limited quantities for enthusiasts, the Porsche sled features a rather sophisticated setup (you know, for a skibob) of front and rear shock strut suspension. It’s also able to break apart, with the ski components stored inside of the hollow fiberglass body. Maybe most incredibly, despite its slight build, the 212 is made to carry two riders.



Limited production from 1970 and first announced in the February, 1970 PORSCHE CHRISTOPHORUS Magazine.

PORSCHE DESIGN in collaboration with the AROVA Company ventured into producing a limited supply of this revolutionary and patented snow glider. It was unique for it's time in several respects. It has both front and rear shock strut suspension. It also can be assembled from components contained within the hollow body in about 1 minute. The padded seat is able to hold two passengers.


Weight - 30 Lbs.
Length, folded - 44 inches.
Height, folded – 15 inches
Width – 5.5 inches.
Suspension – aluminum with angled shock-struts.
Body – Molded polyfoam, hollow for components storage.
Assemble time, est.- 1 + minute.
Other – 2 clamp-on shoe ski's.