Autumn Cleaning

Posted: Sunday, 16 September 2012 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , , ,

"Autumn clean", no it just doesn't have the same ring to it as "Spring clean", but that's what I've been up to for the past few days. I have started to transfer almost all of the information stored at over to this blog to be archived as static web pages. I thought that this would be a few hours work, but as ever, it took much longer than expected as I realised some of the information could really do with updating and reformatting too.

So what are the changes?

Below the new and prettier header section, you will find links that should help answer 99% of the questions any skibiker newbie might ask, such as; "FAQs", "Where to SkiBike?", "How to SkiBike", "(How to) Build a SkiBike" or (Where to) "Buy a SkiBike".

There is now a contact page, with a proper mail form, any questions still left unanswered can be mailed to me, whilst avoiding having my email address available to the spammers.

I have also updated the lists of skibike manufacturers and skibike conversion kit suppliers, there should be a few new names yet to be added over the following weeks too.

I spent quite a while pouring over the list of skibike friendly resorts and have now given the countries with a lot of potential skibiking holiday destinations, such as; Austria and France their own individual pages. The list is very European centric currently, but I have pages for Canada and the USA waiting in the wings, which will need populating with information. I will harvest some information from the net, but there is nothing like a verified account from a local skibiker. I know that a fair share of the readership of this blog are from the USA and Canada, so please send the names of your local skibike friendly haunts for inclusion.

I have created a page for real world skibike clubs, there are only 3 national clubs that I know of, which cover, France, Great Britain and the USA. There is also a page listing skibike social networking sites, such as Facebook and discussion forums.

Lastly, as so many of the readership do not have English as their mother tongue, I have included a translation widget for their use.