Skibiker On A Covert Mission - Sneaky!

Posted: Thursday, 31 May 2012 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , ,

Today I had an undercover and quite thoroughly sneaky skibike session at SnoZone in Milton Keynes. It is an indoor snow slope only 100m long and with about 30m of vertical, but the joy is perfect conditions the whole year round. It is also the only indoor centre, so far, that doesn't have issue with experienced skibikers turning up and riding skibikes right in and amoungst all the other snow users.

I aim to get along every other month during the off season in an attempt to retain my frail skibike mojo. The great news, for me, was that the session went very well, I still had my mojo from the 1st run on, I felt as if I could have done the descent with my eyes closed, mostly standing, plus a couple of seated runs, with hockey stops, side slipping, short radius turns with tail swishing, etc.

The main thing I still found awkward was using the Poma drag lift. I am getting a bit tired of this and I want to investigate a skibike towing device using the same type of quick release snap shackle that the sit skiers use. If I can perfect the design indoors, I can see it being invaluable for both teaching purposes and those places that don't have chairlifts, Scotland springs to mind immediately.

Interestingly snap shackles are used in so many disparate sports and activities; sailing, climbing, kite surfing, dog sledding, horse riding. I will investigate further which size is appropriate for the job through Disability Snow Sport  and hopefully have a working prototype ready before my next visit.

Quick release snap shackle - used in many sports


  1. Here is one that is thumb or finger activted.



    Davis Turtle Snap the only one with hard plastic grip hold.

  1. Thanks, I shall investigate all those.