10 Great Value SkiBike Essentials - # 6 FujiFilm av210 Digital Camera

Posted: Tuesday, 1 May 2012 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , ,

I want to pay tribute to 10 excellent items that I have used whilst skibiking, they didn't cost much and have all delivered fantastic value for money.
All of them cost under £60, to stay in budget, some had to be bought from secondhand from eBay, usually in nearly new condition having seen a weeks use or less. SkiBike related bargains are out there to be had, providing you buy at the end of the winter season right through to late September.

Item: FujiFilm av210 digital camera

Price Paid: £60 including memory card

What was so good about this item then?

It is so tiny, it fits in the smallest of pockets and still leaves room for your other stuff. It is also lightweight, so won't weigh down your back pack or put you over the baggage limit on certain budget airlines. In an age where so much is driven by bewildering menu structures, I found the controls totally intuitive, you probably won't need to read the manual.
It boots up quickly and provides very good quality for outdoor photography. You can override some automatic features if, for example, you want fill flash in daylight, or to take close up macro pictures of skibike components.

Any gripes or whinges about this item?

In spite of the technological advances, it is power hungry and the rate of consumption requires the use of expensive Lithium disposable batteries or possibly NiMh rechargeables. The zoom lens doesn't have a huge range and there is some lag on the shutter, which reduces its usefulness for action shots. It doesn't have the feel of a hard wearing item designed for a long life, I hope I'm wrong as I really like it.

FujiFilm AV210 - #6 skibiker essential