10 Great Value SkiBike Essentials - # 5 Salomon SnowBoard Boots

Posted: Friday, 4 May 2012 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , ,

I want to pay tribute to 10 excellent items that I have used whilst skibiking, they didn't cost much and have all delivered fantastic value for money.
All of them cost under £60, to stay in budget, some had to be bought from secondhand from eBay, usually in nearly new condition having seen a weeks use or less. SkiBike related bargains are out there to be had, providing you buy at the end of the winter season right through to late September.

Item: Salomon SnowBoard Boots

Price Paid: £26

What was so good about this item then?

Another item found off season on eBay, little used and in nearly new condition for a fraction of the retail price. These are the first pair of snowboard boots I have owned, so can only compare their performance to hiking and skiing boots. What a revelation these turned out to be, if all snowboard boots are like this, no wonder snowboard dudes always look so cool, they have warm, dry comfy toes the whole day long.
These are light, almost trainer like in, yet they provide just enough protection for your ankles whilst still allowing some articulation when its time to walk uphill or jump off the chairlift.
They remained warm and dry regardless of whether I was falling over in the deep stuff or hanging around the lift station. Grip was astonishing, sheet ice was the only surface they couldn't grip on, anything else, including frozen metal surfaces provided traction, remarkable.

Any gripes or whinges about this item?

They feature laces on the outer shell and a speed lace on the inner shell, its a bit fiddly and is a job best attempted without gloves on.

Salomon Boots - Fiddly laces but otherwise excellent