10 Great Value SkiBike Essentials - # 8 Satori Stem Riser

Posted: Wednesday, 25 April 2012 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , ,

I want to pay tribute to 10 excellent items that I have used whilst skibiking, they didn't cost much and have all delivered fantastic value for money.
All of them cost under £60, to stay in budget, some had to be bought from secondhand from eBay, usually in nearly new condition having seen a weeks use or less. SkiBike related bargains are out there to be had, providing you buy at the end of the winter season right through to late September.

Item: Satori Heads-Up 4 Adjustable Adapter for Ahead Stems

Price Paid: £15

What was so good about this item then?

My transition from the skibob riding technique over to freestyle / pegger skibike riding was not a smooth or painless process. I found riding my diy skibike "on the pegs" was a knife edge balance the whole time, one slip and I would overload the front ski and before you could say "Matt Hanson" I would be face down eating snow.
I was advised by Wayne Richards to install one of these Satori stem risers to put an extra few inches height on my handlebars. The result was instantaneous and deeply satisfying, there was still a knife-edged element, but now my skibike's skis were giant knives spreading gooey butter onto warm toast!
Installation takes only a few minutes and the kit came with a selection of spacers, top cap and long bolt for the star cap washer.

Any gripes or whinges about this item?

None what so ever, it is a tired cliche, but this item "Does exactly what it says on the tin"

Satori Heads-Up 4 Adjustable Adapter for Ahead Stems - available here