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Posted: Friday, 6 January 2012 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , , ,

In the last couple of years my attitude to accident insurance has been somewhat cavalier and I have taken the risk of not being fully insured. When I was in France in 2011, I chose to buy daily insurance as a lift pass supplement. This cost me 2 or 3 Euros extra a day, which is not bad value. However I recently found out that this arrangement is only to get you off the mountain and to a point of treatment, after which you start paying. Alarmed by this new found knowledge I decided to check out the cost of ski insurance.

I was advised by fellow UK skibiker Sharon Shinwell that not all Winter Sports Travel Insurance will cover skibikes or skibiking. I was surprised, but can confirm this is indeed the case, following Sharon's recommendations and a little Internet research lead me to a shortlist of these three providers.

It is very difficult to provide an accurate cost comparison as; the terms and conditions, level of excess and other variables differ from one insurance company to another. The cost of a  premium will be affected by factors such as; your age, previous injuries, current medical condition and so on. The range of prices that I received may therefore be totally different in your circumstances.
I asked for an Annual policy, with Worldwide cover for skibiking along with inshore yachting, cycling, walking, etc. I am between 45-50 years old, with no current medical problems. I was seeking around 28 days cover, for some this was a little long, but they could offer additional days with a supplement. One company refused at first, but accepted once they had established the difference between a skibike/snowbike and "motorised" versions, by which I assume the would mean a snowmobile. This was the outcome:

Direct Travel - £117.92 - "Premiere Multisport" 17 days cover.

Snowcard - £90 - "Multi trip" 31 days cover.

Insure and Go - £77.96 - "Gold" 24 days cover.

I chose the Snowcard offering, as I may need the convenience of the extra days of cover in the near future. If you have an existing "Ski Insurance" policy, I would suggest that you contact their help service to confirm that skibikes/snowbikes and skibiking are covered.


  1. R Platt says:

    Try TGI Skibike insurance found on Skibike ltd's web site or through the SAGB website