DIY Skibike - My Skibike Version 2.0

Posted: Sunday, 22 January 2012 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , ,

I have been quietly gathering parts for an improved version 2.0 of my skibike since June of 2011. Today in a flurry of diy skibike constructional fervour all the disparate elements finally came together.
The frame is from a 1998 Marin Wolf Ridge in a large size, there might be minor differences with the frame but components are interchangeable with my Marin East Peak from 1999. The previous owner had made a reasonable job of repainting the frame but the surface had an orange peel surface. Some hours were spent with Farecla compound and T-Cut to bring it much closer to a mirror finish.

Marin Wolf Ridge frame - needed a lot of polishing

A new Ritchley headset was fitted and the brand new Suntour forks installed. They are "XCR" coil sprung items offering around 4" of travel; they might not be state of the art downhill technology, but they are a class or two above supermarket mountain bike technology. One manufacturer I know quite well, appears to be using them in disguise as their own on their skibikes, so they can't be that bad.
On the top of the forks is a Satori handlebar stem riser, this adds a few extra inches to their height, giving a relaxed feel without resorting to long travel forks and associated head angle geometry changes.
A coil sprung rear shock has been sourced, but I struggled with the lower mount bushes, so have moved over the ancient but light and reliable Fox Racing air shock from the East Peak.
I have recycled an early 90's Marin Muirwoods saddle, which is big and comfy, I will probably swap it out for a Selle Big Bum or similar item quite soon though. I still need to do some minor fettling but need to rest as I have to be at a meeting first thing in the morning.

DIY SkiBike mk2 - Can I go to bed now?