DIY Skibike - Rear Ski Anti-Dive Link

Posted: Thursday, 29 December 2011 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: ,

When you ride on soft unprepared snow, the rear ski will have a tendency to tip down at the front. If nothing stops this from happening, it will eventually dig in even further stop and jack up the rear suspension. I like to call this diving or submarining, some Americans prefer to call it post-holing.
Certain commercial skibike manufacturers have a mechanical stop to restrict this excessive downward tipping movement, whilst others incorporate a link between the rear ski and the frame. DIY skibike builders often favour this approach too and link from the rear ski tip to a point on the frame somewhere near the bottom bracket. Bungee cord is a popular choice, in my case I used some galvanised chain, mainly because I already had plenty in stock.

DIY SkiBike - Anti-dive safety chain

Recently, I spotted this rigging steel designed to act as a secondary mechanical link for wall mounted plasma screens from CPC Farnell for under £5. It is certified to take a load of 100 Kg, which is more than the combined weight of both myself and the skibike. It should look a bit neater and more professional, than my original artisanal skibike solution.

DIY SkiBike - Rigging steel