Where To SkiBike In Europe? - The Holy Grail

Posted: Wednesday, 30 November 2011 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , , ,

A novice pegger SkiBiker has been thrashing around recently trying to find somewhere in Europe to go skibiking on his diy pegger skibike and not an old school ski bob.
As he put it:
It can be really confusing who allows Skibiking and who don't, then if you find a resort that allows them then you've got to find out if they allow peggers!
Last thing I want to do is turn up at a resort then not be allowed to ride.
Wish there was a definitive list of resorts in Europe that allow peggers.. "would be like the Holy Grail"
Even in the States and Canada this can be a minefield with resorts switching policies from season to season and following the whims and prejudices of senior executives. Europe is much worse, many Grand Domains selling "Access All Areas" tickets for what in reality is a disparate collection of small villages and communes; each with their own Lift Company, Piste/Trail Police, Local Politics and Town Hall Officials.

There is a list of SkiBike Friendly Resorts at The SkiBiker SkiBike Blog's parent website SkiBiker.org
But to keep it fresh, there will be some "Where to SkiBike" posts over the forthcoming weeks giving first hand news about exactly where you can take your SkiBike and go SkiBiking.

A SkiBike Friendly Resort in Europe? - Like finding The Holy Grail