LenzSport SkiBike Cut Price Sale

Posted: Tuesday, 8 November 2011 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: ,

I had an interesting mail from LenzSport last week, in reply to my enquiry. There had been an interesting post running on the FaceBook Snow Biking Group discussing the possibility of testing a Firem VS against a LenzSport SkiBike. What I had in mind was not too serious, just a chance for some riders to make a few runs on different machines with some sort of gentlemanly contest to finish. The sort of thing you see in classic car mags, etc. all the time. An opportunity for both brands to get a little extra publicity and everyone to have some fun together.
Unfortunately finding a LenzSport in Europe or a Firem VS in the USA would seem to be a futile task, at least for now.
However they did remind me that there are still some cracking deals to be had on the remaining stock of ex-demo and older models here; with prices ranging from $1300 - $1800 and a selection of styles, sizes and colours, there should be something to tempt every type of skibiker.

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