Bikermads SkiBikes For DIY Conversion Kits

Posted: Monday, 7 November 2011 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , ,

The SkiBiker SkiBike Blog loves to be able to share the latest wild and wacky exploits of SkiBike "Poster Boy"  Raymond Georgsson. But who makes the skibike that withstands his levels of abuse? Bikermads is Sweden's entry into the world of skibiking, with models that follow the new era of American pegger style skibike design. Bikermads have just revamped their on-line presence for the 2011-12 winter season and are champing at the bit to tell the world about it.

European DIY skibike builders will be delighted to learn that Bikermads are selling ski mounting kits to convert mountain bikes into skibikes. Up until now the only option was to import Alpine SkiBike kits from the USA, which being outside the European Economic Area meant the payment of import duties and a significant addition to the final cost. As Bikermads are based in Sweden and inside the European Economic Area no such charges are due.

Sweden has not adopted the Euro and has retained the Swedish Kroner a handy conversion tool can be found here the site can also price items in Dollars and Euros.

Bikermads - crazy about skibikes