Ski-Biking Steven's Pass

Posted: Monday, 24 October 2011 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: ,

I found this neat video from YouTube user "capecodinsomniac" who has the following comments to make:

Beating the Pineapple Express @ Steven's with my Ski-Bike. A few runs to start my season and play with camera positions.
I usually drive to a local mtn in Washington state in the Pacific Northwest. Its about an 1.5 hr drive, so it is convenient. Most other resorts didn't give permission for ski-bike too, so my options were limited. I first considered Ski-Biking becasue I have flat feet and ski/snowboard boots always gave me blisters/hotspots and made my feet and knees hurt in general. With the bike I can wear comfortable hiking boots. I also already had the bike parts so it was a lot cheaper than buying boarding gear.
....not too many stories to tell...I had someone run into me and take themselves out on my rear ski. they raced down mtn to cuss me out for riding recklessly (I wasn't...he just needed someone to blame and 'THE SKIBIKER' was a good target).
I had another person decide to not turn when coming cross slope... I was on far right of slope and some older guy started coming across from left. He just kept coming closer and closer and before I knew what to do he pointed right at me and we both flew off the right side of the trail into a messy crash...luckily we missed the trees and got plugged into some deep powder. I face-planted and somersaulted a few times while still on bike. I dont' let go for safety reasons - especially since I'm leashed to it :P thankfully not much else has gone awry on the slopes. Just good times :)

The Stevens Pass Ski Area is a ski area located at the crest of Stevens Pass in the Cascade Range of Washington, United States. The base elevation is at 4061 feet (1238 m) with the peak at 5,845 feet (1,782 m). The Mill Valley "backside" of the resort drops to a minimum elevation of 3821 feet (1165 m). Total skiable terrain includes 37 major runs covering 1,125 acres.