Robert Kolesar, The ShroomBob and the $100 Guarantee

Posted: Saturday, 15 October 2011 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , ,

I received an e-mail from Robert Kolesar recently, he wanted to know why the ShroomBob™ wasn't featured on the list of manufactures at To put matters right, it was time to see what ShroomBob™ have to offer the skibiker.

Robert designed the first ShroomBob™ with a very specific purpose; his wife, Ellyn, had suffered a head injury from a 35-foot fall in 1989 while hiking which left her weak on her right side. The ShroomBob was a tool to get her back on to the mountain and enabled her to enjoy skiing again, even before she was able to walk. You can read more about that story here
As a result of this experience, the ShroomBob™ has a heavy focus towards adaptive skiing programmes, alongside alternative products with an athletic bias, such as their Pegger XX 'Rad' SkiBike and Double Black Diamond Extreme Skibob models.

The design appears unusual compared to other skibobs and skibikes with a much longer trailing rear ski.
This would lead you to think that it is an unwieldy device to manhandle on and off a chairlift, however, a recently US patented design allows for easy spring assisted ski lift loading, even whilst seated.

Another innovation is ski boot mount technology between the frame and skis, enabling you to quickly change between any skis using standard bindings.
As with other small manufacturers a high degree of customisation is available; from the choice of suspension components all the way through to the colour and style of saddle.
Best of all you can test ride the ShroomBob at Moonlight Basin, Montana, where the unique "FREE First Run In Control $100.00 Guarantee" applies.

ShroomBob™ - Worth $100 if you can't ride one