iSkibike™ You Could Too! - Accesories for SkiBikes and SkiBikers

Posted: Wednesday, 19 October 2011 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , ,

iSkibike™ is the brainchild of Robert Kolesar inventor of the ShroomBob™ and it is an on-line shop offering some interesting kits and accessories, especially for the diy skibike builder.

For anyone looking to make their own footskis for use with a skibob, iSkibike™ offer footski component kits under the name "Heel Edge".
Assuming you have a suitable donor ski to cut down, the kit contains all the other parts needed. An ingenious metal heel binding, with a wire clip much like a SnowBlade binding and incorporating a heel grind block fits to the footski tail. A ski rear release binding as installed back to front for the front binding. Alternatively, non-release wire clip bindings or flexible SnowBoarder boot bindings can be installed.

Other items stocked are GoggleBrows, a handy goggles retaining device, which when attached to a ski helmet, allow you to "park" your goggles without the risk of them flying away at an inopportune moment.

Lastly there are a selection of T-Shirts and stickers, available including the highly desirable holographic iSkibike™ sticker with claimed mystical powers.

Heel Edge FootSki kits from iSkibike™