"It's a good thing snow tastes better than gravel" Raymond Georgsson and Bikermads

Posted: Sunday, 6 November 2011 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: ,

It's a good thing snow tastes better than gravel - source

Raymond Georgesson had a busy season in 2011; he has constantly surprised with the growing audacity of his skibike jumping stunts. His pièce de résistance, at least in my humble opinion, was the launch off a ski jump, the acceleration is terrifying. With typical modesty he comments:
This was my first time trying to jump a skijump, so keep that in mind :) But trust me, it sure won't be the last. Next time I'll bring a bigger jump and try to go even faster, ok?

Snowbike - First skijump attempt from Raymond Georgsson on Vimeo.

I asked him what plans he had for the 2011/12 winter season:
I have some updates for this winter. First, I now have my own new Vio Pov HD camera (won't need to borrow a cam to get some footage) so there will be a lot more videos this season. Plus, I have a friend who got a new semi-pro cam so hopefully he will follow me sometimes too. Second, I have a new bike to modify into a skibike. More of that in a while....I do have some crazy (great) ideas though.. but, yeah, we'll just leave it there right now.