Is 3 a Magic Number? - 3Ski the 100% Kiwi SkiBike SkiTrike

Posted: Saturday, 30 July 2011 by Mark Kinnon in Labels:

The 3ski from New Zealand take this blog into uncharted waters as the first SkiTrike to be featured.
It has a number of iinnovative features that take it out of the league of toys and into the realms of full grown all mountain vehicles. For example, unlike a toboggan, you ride in a semi-standing position, furthermore the rear skis are ingeniously linked to automatically carve by pivoting together, lastly 160mm long travel forks with 32mm Stanchions and 20mm thru axle ski mounts control steering.

So this is what 3Ski say about their products on the website:

3ski Technology is an all New Zealand company focused on delivering one of the worlds most versatile and usable snow toys.
Based in Auckland, New Zealand the spiritual home of year round outdoor recreation, extreme sports and the birth place of Bungy Jumping.
Our backyard play area provides for an ideal development and testing area ranging from active cone volcano big mountains in the north to extensive mountain ranges equal in size to the European Alps in the south.
Building on our heritage of unique and innovative approach to problem solving the 3ski snow bike has been designed from concept to be a fresh approach to alternate snow sports with pure rideability and performance in mind.

Providing a truly new and unique rider experience, building on the concept of a downhill, non-attached, free ride activity which is accessible to a wide range of existing and potential snow sports enthusiast. 3ski Snow Bikes ‘Ultimate Snow Toys’ the fusion between skiing, boarding and downhill free riding on a stable yet pivotal three ski platform, 3ski Snow Bikes represents a new category in snow sports.

Designed from concept in New Zealand with over 5 years research, development and testing. 3ski Snow Bikes provide an easy, unique, no impact riding experience which blurs the lines between traditional snow sports and downhill adrenaline activity.

'3ski' it's easier than riding a bike. No matter what your skill level on snow if you can ride a bike you are already over qualified, push your boundaries a little and you will be blown away with the 3ski experience. Suitable for a wide range of snow sports enthusiast from first time visitors with no previous resort experience to skilled adrenaline seekers looking for a renewed mountain experience. Also suitable for ability restricted or disability affected users.
The 3ski is listed at NZD $2995 ex factory + NZ sales tax, at the time of writing that is equivalent to £1540 or $2505.