L'Espace Killy - My Dark Secret

Posted: Sunday, 10 April 2011 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , ,

My Dark Secret about my relationship with L'Espace Killy... this is what I couldn't tell you earlier, I visited Val d'Isere for two ski holidays about 15 years ago.

On the first occasion I had a nasty twisting fall that messed up my right knee and eventually required an operation to clean it out. On the second occasion I crossed my skis and broke the anterior cruciate ligament on my left knee.

Before this trip I was apprehensive as to exactly what the Gods of L'Espace Killy would demand of me this time in the way of sacrifice. This morning I counted my blessings that they have let me go without forfeit, or perhaps they are just lulling me into a false sense of security. A quick check in the bathroom revealed; a bruise to the chest, a leg bruise, some very scabby elbows, slightly bruised coccyx (chairlift) and stiff wrists. All pretty good considering the amount of miles I've covered and the thrills and spills encountered.

Interestingly my legs aren't as tired as they would usually be, pegging seems to put quite a lot of strain on your wrists though, I think I'll pick up some wrist braces for future use. It seems to slightly work out your torso, which I have no complaints about, I doubt it would get me a "six pack" though.

It's definitely time to quit whilst I'm ahead.

The Firem VS Factory at Les Villards sur Thones