SkiBike Tour 2009-10 - Aviemore Day 1

Posted: Monday, 8 March 2010 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , , ,

I left Glenfarg around 8 and headed northwards for just over an hour, the east coast fog and gloom cleared and the weather became much sunnier. I stopped briefly in a lay-by near Crubenmore Lodge for a muesli bar breakfast and some water whilst rechecking the map to confirm my location, great I was only 20 minutes away.
 On arrival at Aviemore I quickly got my pass and made my way to the Fiaciall Poma.
I chose the Fiaciall Ridge run first to warm up and refresh my technique; for a scary moment I thought I had forgotten everything as I jiggled and scraped my way down the slope with little finesse, as it was very icy with marble sized bobbles of crud everywhere. A women came racing down the same run, skis chattering and bouncing, "oh that's horrid" she said with a big grin "conditions are much better higher up".
Following her advice I followed the "Cross Over" run to the M1 Poma and she was right, the sun had warmed the upper slopes which were covered in a dusting of powder on a hard base. I followed the "Traverse" on to the "105" then tried the "M1 Race Piste".
On the other side of the Ptarmigan restaurant I discovered the fantastic "M2 piste", a very flattering run, wide enough not to feel cramped, even gradients, lots of powder, some steeper bits to get the adrenaline flowing.
Later I had a tumble on the Poma and ended up with a sore bum and bruised ego.
At the end of a glorious day in truly alpine like conditions, I retired to my new home from home International Starters