DIY Skibike - Home Made Foot Skis

Posted: Tuesday, 10 November 2009 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: ,

To go with my ski bike I would need foot skis, those on offer from mainstream manufacturers were way over my budget. Furthermore I wanted my foot skis to have step in bindings and not the clip on bindings which I had found a pain to get on and off.

Gail & Mervyn Charlton aka SkiBikers on the Piste came to the rescue with their excellent DIY plans.
I set to work on an ancient pair of K2 skis and followed their instructions pretty much to the letter, this was the result:


DIY Skibike - Peggers vs. Bobbers

Posted: Sunday, 1 November 2009 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: , ,

American readers may ponder why European skibikers mostly use foot skis and hard shell ski boots rather than riding on the pegs with soft walking/boarding boots.

I think the reasons may be that America has mostly chairlifts for mountain access, whereas a lot of Europe still runs on Poma and T-Bar drag lifts.
My testing ground was to be Scotland; Nevis range has a single chairlift, Aviemore likewise and Glenshee just a  few. Given these are quite small areas, to cut yourself off from all the terrain accessible by tow lift was out of the question.

Personally, I chose footskis because I had learned to skibike that way and didn't have the confidence to try it without them.