Build a Skibike - Time To Do Some Research

Posted: Sunday, 16 August 2009 by Mark Kinnon in Labels: ,

Unable to take time out to do more ski biking and determined to be ready for the next winter season I spent a lot of free time searching the net for my skibike solution.
I had wrongly assumed that a Brenter, just like the one that I trained on, would be freely available during the summer end of season clearouts. Yet despite some months of searching nothing came up on any of the European eBay websites and I baulked at the amount some of the dealers were asking for ex rental skibikes.

I couldn't justify the price of a brand new skibike for something that might not have worked out for me, or just get used a couple of weeks a year at most. I certainly wanted my own skibike so as to have the freedom and autonomy that ownership provides.

There were some interesting "backyard engineering" designs such as This one!

But my main concerns were:
  1. The risk of a homemade device failing whilst on the most difficult run on the mountain, leaving you stranded, injured and ruining your holiday.
  2. The risk that the piste patrol would refuse permission to use the bike based on an amateurish finish
I happened across the conversion kit but wasn't sure whether they were still in business as the content seemed a little out of date. The principle seemed so alluring, take a readily available mountain bike, strip off most of the parts and bolt on some short skis.
I joined the skibike forum and read that a new batch of kits would soon be available on a first come first served basis. I took a leap of faith in September and ordered the adapter kit from skibikefun
on the understanding that it wouldn't arrive before Thanksgiving. Being a Brit, I had to look up when that was.

My next task would be to locate a suitable frame.

Looking for parts to build a skibike? Or perhaps one ready to ride away? See our Parts For Sale page here.

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