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Used SkiBikes

Alpine Skibikes Conversion #1 - Ready to ride, cheaper than the cost of the components - £300

Alpine Skibikes Conversion #2 - Ready to ride, cheaper than the cost of the components - SOLD

Alpine Skibikes skibike conversions - £300 each

Custom Built Freestyle Skibike - A great hand built skibike by one of our writers - SOLD

LenzSport Alpine Brawler - The standard by which other skibikes are judged - SOLD

Skibike Conversion Kits

Alpine Skibikes conversion kit with skis - mint new old stock, skis still wrapped - £340

Alpine Skibikes adapters only - some light corrosion from storage - SOLD

Alpine Skibikes Skibike conversion kits - from £136

Skibike Specific Skiboards

NISM 90cm Skibike Skiboards - ex demo only 3 days use - SOLD

NISM 100cm Skibike Skiboards - ex demo only 3 days use - £188

For Sale - Skibike specific skiboards

Regular Skiboards & SnowBlades™

Salomon SB8 SnowBlades -

Salomon SB10 SnowBlades - Sold Out 01/03/16


Footskis with Bindings #1 - very nice used condition with brand new old stock bindings - SOLD

Custom Footskis with releasable bindings


  1. Hello,
    I'm looking for some parts for a Vintage Arovo Porsche 212 SkiBob. Can anyone help me out? Thanks! HANG ON FOR DEAR LIFE! THIS THINGS GOT NO BRAKES!

  1. Steve, I know someone with a Porsche skibob, I believe it is mostly intact, but the fibreglass body has cracked. Interested?

  1. Hello. I am looking for an old style ski bike/ Velogemel. It is needed in Meribel, France in mid January 2017. Cab anyone advise where I might get hold of one?

  1. Emily Wilkinson, thanks for your enquiry, wooden Velogemels are still being made although I don't have any direct contacts at the "factory". Why not join the discussion on our Facebook Group, perhaps one of the Swiss skibike riders could provide one or even a suitable recommendation as to who to ask. See here Josh Jaramillo, both skibikes are still available, but shipping to the USA + import duties and taxes would not be cost effective. Join the discussion on our Facebook group and Matt Hanson should be able to sort you out some very good US specific deals. See

  1. Thank you for your reply Mark. We are in fact based in the UK not the US and are going to need it either in the UK or France, Europe. Should this change anything, I would love to hear from you. I will certainly join the discussion on the Facebook page. Many thanks